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        The series of articles on Christian Witnessing presents useful insights into ‘witnessing,’ that we, the believers in Christ, are called upon to do. The purpose of this project is to enrich the Christian’s ability to understand the significance of our call to ‘witness’ and the task on hand for the human field.  Today’s humanity is better educated, informed, curious about religious matters and intellectually capable of both inquiring and grasping matters of life and transcendence.  People are also pragmatic in their approach to religion. They want religion to be beneficial to their life.  Viewed realistically, human desire for matters of transcendence (matters of the divine realm) is primarily based on pragmatism (usefulness in life). As such, spirituality and religion are not primarily and entirely of the other world (of transcendence), rather it pertains to matters of life on earth. Christian witnessing cannot bear fruit if this fact is overlooked.

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About Path of the Divine Virtue

Some understanding of the term *The Divine Virtue is necessary. The series of articles on Biblical themes, study of the biblical topics (Bible Study), topics on Christian witnessing, theology, understanding the Bible Read More..