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II. Ministry Application:   In Christian witnessing ministry addressing the issue of suffering in life stands out as unavoidable looking for satisfactory answer from the Bible. This human urge comes from our propensity to look at God, Scriptures and religion as features to help. People coming from other faiths have three hurdles: a) they are very pragmatic (religion must apply to life here and now), b) new religion must make a difference in life here and now, and c) {if these don’t happen} they are highly sensitive to their own family, social and cultural backlash. Christian witnessing happens against these three situations.  Therefore, if a Christian witness really seeks to win a person’s heart and soul to God of Jesus Christ bringing him/her into the faith in Christ convincingly, he/she must be prepared to answer these issues at any time. 


Implications of the Story of Job for Christian Witnessing


I.   Since Christian witnessing consistently faces the issue of suffering in human life directly or indirectly, it becomes necessary to learn about this subject that has been vexing humanity since the dawn of human life.  This has been a vexing but unresolved issue since the dawn of human appearance in the Mesopotamian region.  Ancient Sumerians of this region whose religion thought is said to be the theological foundation for all the major future religions, grappled with this issue – the  ‘human suffering and faith in god’ and wrote their first treatise on this in the poetical form. It was about the story of a righteous man (like Job) who stayed steadfast in faith and love of his god through horrible experience of an unjustified loss, affliction and suffering [‘Man and his God.’ 140 lines; J.B. Prichard, ed., vol. II, 1975. Later came another one, on the same theme, named as the Babylonian Theodicy (ibid.).  Third one with some variation also existed at that time - ‘I will Praise the Lord of Wisdom’ (ibid.).]  These were (about) 2,500 years before Job of the Bible was composed. Yet, Job of Uz was also from the same ancient Sumer, - the land of Noah and Abraham.  Erudite leaders might be acquainted with stories similar to Job in many other religious cultures.


Understanding the Holy Bible



      The following study of the Bible is educational in purpose and goal.  It is not a spiritual or self-help resource, because such are available at every Christian learning event: worship time preaching, radio/tv, Bible Study, private meditations, counseling sessions, public meetings, revivals, etc. The purpose of this study is oriented to Christian witnessing (‘evangelism).’ As such, it seeks to provide a Biblical and theological foundation studied and constructed on the objective approach. The goal is, therefore, to prepare Christians for ‘witnessing’ about God’s work in human life and history and through Christ and his Church.   


        The series of articles on Christian Witnessing presents useful insights into ‘witnessing,’ that we, the believers in Christ, are called upon to do. The purpose of this project is to enrich the Christian’s ability to understand the significance of our call to ‘witness’ and the task on hand for the human field.  Today’s humanity is better educated, informed, curious about religious matters and intellectually capable of both inquiring and grasping matters of life and transcendence.  People are also pragmatic in their approach to religion. They want religion to be beneficial to their life.  Viewed realistically, human desire for matters of transcendence (matters of the divine realm) is primarily based on pragmatism (usefulness in life). As such, spirituality and religion are not primarily and entirely of the other world (of transcendence), rather it pertains to matters of life on earth. Christian witnessing cannot bear fruit if this fact is overlooked.

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