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Chapter One


Review of the Biblical Theology and its current usage

      Content of the Biblical and theological terms and statements, their understanding and making correct statements of them is the issue in this study. This learning is critical to proper understanding of God’s message in the Bible, and its sharing with people. Spiritualization is the option generally followed and imparted. Except in rare cases with the obliging customers, such spiritual approach is not at all the method to present God’s message especially to people of other faiths. Moreover, the Bible holds message of life to humanity to conduct its life on earth and for eternity with God. If so, the exact mind (to the extent God has revealed), the word and work of God as it has been revealed from the beginning of the Creation must be precisely grasped in its entirety.  That means, understanding ‘the Bible as whole.’


Understanding the Holy Bible



      The following study of the Bible is educational in purpose and goal.  It is not a spiritual or self-help resource, because such are available at every Christian learning event: worship time preaching, radio/tv, Bible Study, private meditations, counseling sessions, public meetings, revivals, etc. The purpose of this study is oriented to Christian witnessing (‘evangelism).’ As such, it seeks to provide a Biblical and theological foundation studied and constructed on the objective approach. The goal is, therefore, to prepare Christians for ‘witnessing’ about God’s work in human life and history and through Christ and his Church.   

About Path of the Divine Virtue

Some understanding of the term *The Divine Virtue is necessary. The series of articles on Biblical themes, study of the biblical topics (Bible Study), topics on Christian witnessing, theology, understanding the Bible Read More..