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About The Schedule


Initially, two major themes would appear on the website the DivineVirtue for every two days a week.

altThursdays :  “The Bible – (Understanding the Bible).”  

altTuesdays:     Christian witnessing and Bible Study on some themes, passages, historical events, Psalms, Proverbs.


The study on JOB will appear as topical treatises and essays simultaneous to all other announced topics.

Other topics would appear sporadically. There will be a fortnightly review of readers’ enquiries. You can subsribe to the News Letters by typing your email address at news letter "Email" text box and click "add email" button at the bottom of the page.

Note : Through out the website Bible Verses are referenced from New International Version (NIV) Transalation. 

About Path of the Divine Virtue

Some understanding of the term *The Divine Virtue is necessary. The series of articles on Biblical themes, study of the biblical topics (Bible Study), topics on Christian witnessing, theology, understanding the Bible Read More..